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Hi and welcome!
My name is Jayna Pirolozzi.

Please look through my pages and get acquainted with my passion for writing.

I started writing from a young age. Parables mostly. As I grew, the pen was abandoned and then taken up again several times.
It wasn't until 2007 that I realized I was to write God Stories.

He loves to use media to get his messages across. While the main message, redemption and reconciliation in Him is the basis for all His stories, He will bring out people groups and special interests He wants people to get on board with.
As a Christ Follower and writer, I enjoy, and am awed by the privilege of writing out His heart through hopefully gripping stories.
I don't allow the Christian walk to look easy because it isn't. I make sure the reality of the battle in maintaining a strong faith in Christ is depicted with brutal honesty.
But He is a supernatural Creator and I make sure His power and love are revealed as well.
What I've learned in my writing process is to write only when inspired. If I hit a wall, I walk away until the Lord shows me the way over it or through it. If I ever try to force a story, it won't work and the power of the message will be lost.
I hope you join me in HIS STORY telling adventure and open your heart to His transforming messages of love, grace and forgiveness.
I have a page on Face Book called the Pirolozzi Books. Please join it. I also have a specific Face Book page for my first book
The Resolution of Red Tears. 

The Face Book page is also for the movie by the same title. and now I have a specific movie website where you can share in the journey of the movie making process as well as buy the song written for the movie and also purchase the book there. Here the movie website link!

There will be a page for each book with a short synopsis and an excerpt from the corresponding book. Right now I am focusing on The Resolution of Red Tears movie.

I just finished my second book which is in the editing process. It's entitled
For God and Country.
I am hoping to put it into script format soon.
The Resolution of Red Tears
page has a book trailer and PayPal button to order the book. You can order direct from me from this website or from The Resolution of Red Tears movie site.

Also, here's my first TV interview from Jan 9th 2013 on the Love, Hope and Faith show with Heather Murdock.

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Love, Hope, and Faith with Heather Murdock 1-9-13


So why do we read?
Is it the search for truth?
Let's dialog. I'd love to know why you read!

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"So as the rain comes down and the snow from heaven and do not return there but water the earth . . . so shall my word be that goes from my mouth, it shall not return void; but it shall accomplish what I please." Isaiah 55:10-11
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